The Age of Disposable Relationships.


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We live in a phenomenal era of ‘mtaachana tu.’  It’s like some sort of curse, the last time someone told me this to my face- we actually broke up. What happened to good old chivalry? Days, when love was strength and truth, was mandatory. What happened to special quests and long walks? When village lovers met under the tree and stole kisses in threes. What happened to the good old love? People are too judgmental these days; you have to do this to get that. Love has become mere barter trade with stringent terms and conditions. We have commercialized sex and love to the point that courtesy doesn’t count anymore. We find thrill in short-term attachments and no one is certain about life time commitments. We all seek something we can easily detach from.


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Yes, we live in a world that makes flings and heartbreaks so relatable that if you’re not on that train, you’re probably weird. We have infused crazy fetishes and fantasies into an avid romance. What happened to your first love? That puppy love whereby everything was perfect, roses were glowing, moons were whispering, and angels sang when our fingers touched. Let’s face it some people find love at fifth grade, others find love at 50 and others don’t want love at all (this I am not 100% sure) but at the end of the day, it’s only natural to want someone.



Free stock photo of food, heart, coffee, cupLove someone or something purely and unconditionally, overcome your limits and give wholly. Make it hard for anyone who comes across you to ever forget you; be it your job, your family, friends or partners. Expose your energy so beautifully that you never regret giving love, become weak for a moment to gain strength. Let your ego go and experience something so passionate because you deserve it.


I am not a love doctor, but honey – get your heart broken, let the pain rampage your body. Let it hurt so bad, that you would never put yourself through that again. They say darkest comes before dawn and I say everyone has to undergo a heartbreak to sincerely appreciate love. It’s just natural that we all have to undergo the three phases of love; the puppy love (very innocent and naive), the crazy love (the one that wrecks your soul), then the real love (sensible and real love). Don’t be afraid to try, at the end of the day ‘mtaachana tu!’  Ignite your desires and never let mediocrity triumph.


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16 thoughts on “The Age of Disposable Relationships.

  1. “Mtaachana tu” so pessimistic of people, but I guess at the end of the day, you got to put your heart out there and find that someone that it ticks for!

  2. some of us neither have a heart designed to love (it just pumps blood) nor soul to care (mine is for haunting earthlings after i die).. but isokay… i’ll try 😊😊 or not🤔🤔..

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