Things I do not understand.


Cover_Seal-1124Being young is a beautiful thing, being happy is a fulfilling emotion, being rich, well, that’s an awesome thing. Life is such an array of complexities and complicated scenarios. Sometimes, just like all of you, I find myself in a position that makes me question life, fate and the most abused word of all, ‘destiny.’ I am quite a loud mouth, I love the right kind attention, and I believe in being an emblem of confidence and self-love for many black girls out there. However, there are a few things that still make my jaw drop.


  1. Self-hate; Black girls matter.

This is very specific to women, black women, who feel less in their kinky hair and melanin skin. I do not understand the light skin concept. I do not know why it is so easy to body shame a black girl, causing her to hate herself. How dare you? A human, just as evenly flawed make it almost sinful for me to slay my God-made awesomeness? So, you want to question God? Are you God?Cover_Seal-1136




  1. Men who do not hustle.

Actually, scratch that, any human above 18 who does not hustle. Male or female, we all have responsibilities at least to ourselves and others. Millenials have an issue with starting small, so yes you want a Rolls Royce that matches your turban, but your work ethic or rather your entrepreneurship spirit does not even exist. As much as I advocate for men’s positions as providers, things are changing, and we’re not in 1800, ladies do something, support your mate. Go out there, get some education and bring something to the table, give your man (if you have one) all the support he needs. Yes, it’s a man world, but it would be nothing without a woman.



  1. Cover_Seal-1125Monday Mornings/ January Blues.

Yes, I am that close to non-existence percentage of humans who do not understand the entire fuss about ‘I hate Mondays’ and so on. I mean what did you expect to come after Sunday? Probably because I work 24/7 but still c’mon, aren’t you tired of the same old excuses if you hate Mondays that much, how about seeking a job change? Do something about it don’t just whine about it, we all have problems you know. A good percentage of people have their perfectly crafted reasons to hate Mondays, which I adamantly refuse to comprehend. I mean, damn! It is increasingly difficult for millennials to get a proper education, financial stability, keep fit and essentially stay alive! We are all here for a good time, not a long time.





  1. The Rainbow community

Forgive my ignorance on this one, and as my bestie once told me, I might not be as liberal as I thought I was. I totally respect the LGBT community because heck with all the changes the world has rocked these last two decades anything that floats your boat goes. Just how does a man live for over half a century on this planet and suddenly realize they want to spend the other half on hormones and stuff. Again, forgive my ignorance it’s a crazy world! Cover_Seal-1141



My list is pretty long, and I bet I may be a narcissistic psycho, but my loves, help me understand these few things. Are we losing it as articulate beings or is this the evolution to a new human species?Cover_Seal-1137



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  1. 21st Century problems ma’. It’s becoming more difficult day by day to understand this age. Let’s just pretend it’s effects of technological advancement and modernization causing all these…

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