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Maiden Glory

Broccoli vs. Chocolate.

Screenshot_2017-08-17-22-48-33_1One of my all-time favorite saying is, “the existence of broccoli does not in any way affect the taste of chocolate.” Of course, a rose by another name will smell just as sweet.

The existence of pain does not in any way affect the thrill of happiness and joy. The sweetness of a fairytale cannot outdo the tautness of a horror film. There’s only one thing that overturns this, the love of God is incomparable to the devil’s way. I adore being female, and that does not in any way mean I hate on the other gender. I love traveling just as I do being locked up in my room. I love feeling eerie emotions and backing that up with crazy laughter. I love life.

Life isn’t a bed of roses and true, no one owes you anything, but yourself. Just because you are undergoing a rough patch should not overshadow every ray of joy that you once felt.  The presence of haters should not dim your light. When you fathom your inner power, you will gain your strength, when you understand that one ‘NO’ doesn’t mean the end, you will find your path, and when you fully comprehend the depths of pain, you will find irreplaceable joy!Screenshot_2017-09-29-22-27-22_1 (1)

I had a terrible audition over the weekend, and it bothered me that I wasn’t in control when I wanted to, I couldn’t say what I wanted to, when I was supposed to. But again, it was practically my first ever audition, and thanks to my sister and best friend who held my hand and didn’t sugar coat it, I realized I was just fine. What mattered is I put myself out there. I tried, I conquered my fear. So many times we are afraid of trying out new things because we are not sure who’s watching. I realized I was a work of art in progress, and I am getting confident by the day.  The question is, what’s on the other side of fear?

To my ladies out there, the presence of another person’s beauty can not overshadow or even replace your own. The presence of one abusive partner does not necessarily mean all men are crap. The absence of a delightful childhood doesn’t mean a terrible adulthood. Everyone’s uniqueness is what makes them unique. We can not all live on chocolate, can we? Screenshot_2017-04-02-12-33-46_1Let’s overturn the norm that a woman is her own worst enemy. Love your chocolate or broccoli self a little too much! At the end of the day, you’ll need the vitamins that broccoli provides and the comfort of chocolate. As terrible as it may taste, it is a delight to some people. Again, cry if you have to, go into the shower and wash it out, but at the end of the day never underestimate your power, never look down upon yourself because honey, you’re magic!