Fake It Till You Make It….


I have a special attachment with Mondays, it’s like the acceptable societal way of saying “Here’s another chance, go get your paper”. Fake it till you make it…what happens when you do? Is this a generational curse? With the heightened social media craze and everyone wanting to look all perfect, pretty, rich and happy on social media, what happens to the authentic form of humanity? Millennials and generation Z have taken fake to a whole other level. We fake everything; our bodies, our intentions, our emotions and even state of well-being. This begs the question; what will happen to the generation after us? I am not referring to ‘an amateur working towards being a pro’ kind of situation, I am talking about guys who want us to believe they are on a whole other level when they obviously aren’t.

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It is also saddening that we take time to prove that we are happy to total strangers over the internet that we own things we don’t, and we live a perfect lifestyle where it is non-existent. I don’t blame technology for this; it is more of a psychological condition that fills us with the urgency to compare and ends up with many being unproductive and with low self-esteem. People only show you what they want you to see, don’t kill yourself in a bid to look like so and so who is driving a Lamborghini at 16. Be you, be authentic.



It is quite interesting how this generation expects to put zero work in yet reap excellent results. I had an intriguing conversation with a 55-year-old man the other day, and he pointed out everything that is wrong and right with my generation. The women are considered dumb golddiggers because their affection has a number on it and for the men they are more relaxed now that gender equality means women too can provide for them. It’s a puppeteered show with lots of strings attached. We want things easy, and it’s almost rare to find ‘started from the bottom’ beings, yet everyone on the gram is self-made. Our social appearances matter more than our day to day living. Happiness has a meager illusion that is almost frustrating to achieve.


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I understand that sometimes our realities are painful and very unpleasant. No one wants to be associated with that. And, it’s okay, life sucks at some point and no one’s perfect. Just don’t kill yourself trying to fit into shoes that were not designed for you; you might not be Cinderella, but you’re definitely a different shade of royalty . We all have different ways of handling situations, we are all very unique individuals, and the creator took his time with every single one of us. In the end, do what makes you happiest and kick ass while at it! If you’re gonna fake, do it to your satisfaction but never to appease another. Anyways, isn’t this what makes life interesting!

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Well, it’s another Monday morning; just be you, everyone else is taken.

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  1. Well said….If only we could all do this, we would work with God’s and our own timing and not because those in our squad are at it already.

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