Say It With Pride!


“I’m just like you, for the most part my life is totally normal…Like I said I am just like you, I have a totally perfectly normal life, except I have one huge ass secret, I’m gay.”  Love, Simon movie intro monologue. 

We live in a world of contextual yet pretense black and white that shuns those who live in color or grey in between.  We claim to be religious enough, just enough to judge others based solely on their religion. There can only be right or wrong, but what about the voice of reason? We are confined to a stereotype thinking box, we are limited to beliefs that deep down do not matter to us. Last month was a splash of color everywhere as the LGBTQ community celebrated the Pride Month. It was a beautiful period which saw most come out of the closet and admit their true self. I’ve taken time to analyze what it actually means to have pride, to be sure of your sexuality even when one hasn’t had the chance to experiment. According to science we date and love what is geographically appropriate, possibly the love of your love is stuck on Mount Everest, Y’all will never know!

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The other day, as I was hanging out with my grandma, a rather ‘odd’ conversation came on the radio. A gay male happily married sex worker was ranting about his choice of career and family. Lucky for me, my grandma took time to understand every single one of the LGBTQ letters (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning or queer). She did not agree with any bit of it, but she did not condemn them solely because she did not understand them. I don’t blame her, I haven’t fully understood them either but does that make them less of a human? I know this sounds weird, but wouldn’t it be a better world if we all lived the lives we truly want. But, where I come from, love is meant for a man and a woman or oddly one man many women but not the vice versa, sex is for married couples –who apparently are more generous with it than is necessary, happiness is not really a factor, but one can’t bend the rules for that. Gender roles should not be shifted* but hey, what makes a man a man? We shy off from talking about sex and sexuality when as a matter of fact we are all a product of it.

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There are rules, there are commandments, there are the paths to be followed from which we cannot diverge. I understand that the order has to manifest to avoid chaos, but change is inevitable. If there’s anything we should be spreading more than jam and butter its love. Discovering love and accepting people for who they are is overly new, even to the millennial generation.  We strive for equality but cheer lesbians and jeer at gay guys, isn’t it an interesting world? Isn’t it just a variation in preference? We are all going down the same path, pursuing this illusion of forever, while judging each other. Love is love.


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I ran a ‘would you rather’ poll a few days ago on my Instastories and the feedback was overwhelmingly amazing – well, for me. First, being homosexual does not relate to being retarded, it might gross out some people, but hey everyone has a right to their opinion – even if it sucks. How do you expect the younger generations to keep it safe and locked when we barely address these issues with them? If you can’t look at your 16-year-old sister in the eyes and explain what condoms are, then you shouldn’t get mad at all when she gets pregnant at 17. It is not a taboo, it is not wrong for some people to explore or even exploit their sexuality. What is wrong is executing people, banning people, judging people for loving who they choose to.

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Homosexuality is not a new concept, neither culturally nor religiously. History, however, has been edited to best suit what we have been confined to think or believe is right. Ancient Greek art, openly showcases homosexuality, closer home King Mwanga II of the Buganda kingdom was gay but history doesn’t account for what will make our culture questionable. We can’t change everyone, but at least we can educate one. We have been raised differently, and some of us can only see as much. Everyone deserves love, and everyone should freely express love. It is the only proper humane emotion we all share after all. We are just human. Everyone deserves a great love story, some are just a little more complicated.

Love, Anita.


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  1. i should say when we were having this conversation, i was taken aback to something i have never given a thought about but atleast now there a single bulb in the room i sure wanna try and light more just to shed more light on this LGBTQ issue.

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