Trick or Treat?

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People are out here playing the worst game of charades, throwing guesses at what we believe to be life and expecting a reward either way. We’re knocking on doors we’re not sure about, juggling with our emotions not sure if we’ll get the treat the trick deserves. Somehow we are all absurdly chained to something, addicted to a trend or obsessing over someone. Life leaves so much to be desired. I believe most people are afraid of change, we are afraid of unfamiliar grounds, and even when our wings grow, we still squeeze into our comfort cocoons. We are limited to who we think we are; we forget to acknowledge who we ought to be.



Cover_Seal-4229Do you find it difficult to compliment others? Maybe you applied for the same job; they got hired you didn’t, had a crush on the same guy – she got married you didn’t, the list goes on. I am not an angel, and yes I do question my life as well, as Bey sung, “What’s worse looking jealous or crazy?” I’d say just mind your own business, Susan! Just the other day I was literally admiring a picture of koala; did you know those animals can go for twenty hours straight sleeping in any position? I am worried about getting any sleep at all! That aside at the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with who you are; comfortable in the sense that you love yourself, talk blessings and confess victory to your hidden wars and be grown enough to fight for it. Happiness is an inside job! Cover_Seal-4236


What is life? A never-ending fissure where we get to shift characters depending on what designer brand we have on. You’re better than another person because you earn more, or because in your shallow evaluation you are better. Life is a game, and I am not really sure what are the rules, who’s the referee and why we’re playing it all the same. We’re running to, and fro, I am not confident where to stop. When do we stop judging people on what they want to do at 25, why another wants kids at 18 and why a 50-year-old dude can’t just tour the world in peace.


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We all claim to be ‘woke’ yet cringe at people freely expressing themselves. We have different paths, some knock on the first door and get candy; others have to run a few blocks down and conquer lots of tricks to get their treat. Life didn’t come with a manual if it did we’d probably be a bunch of zombies; thinking, feeling, living alike. Don’t judge someone for taking a path you wouldn’t. We are all in a big maze, drop the facade and love every bit of your life. Don’t mind me; I’ve been listening to lots of Drake.

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  1. Evelyne Kioko says:

    Beautiful peace.There is no user manual to live,we all should stop being all uptight,let loose and have fun in this roller coaster!

    1. Winnie Tai says:

      life’s a performance,live it with your own rules and have earth shattering fun while at it!! Amazing read boo

      1. Anita says:

        Thanks love.

    2. Anita says:

      Thanks Love..take charge and have fun!

  2. Viola Obura says:

    Make your own rules…break them if you want…live life to the fullest!!

    1. Anita says:


  3. Tims says:

    “Happiness is an inside job.”

    1. Anita says:

      Thanks Tims.

  4. Phabian from Wakanda says:


    1. Anita says:


  5. Jane Akura says:

    Only looootttsss of love… Oh what’s a Wooeee… What have I been missing on… ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Anita says:

      Thanks so much boo!

  6. Faith Robina says:

    This is amazing and really inspirational .People should stop judging each other and just live their own lives the best way they know how.I believe that i am the only one who can dictate how my life should be and everyone else also has that power.We should never be confined to the ways of others.Good work girl!!

    1. Anita says:

      Again, thanks Robina!

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