Worst Enemy?


It is almost a familiar concept that a woman  is her own worst enemy. I feel a little indifferent about this because it is partially true; like my mother says if we supported each other we’d have had a female president by now. It is no news that women do forge the worst kind of friendships and our ‘dislike’ for another’s success makes us the devil’s advocates. Well, why do women hate other women so much? Or rather, why are we so jealous of each other? Away from that who best understands a woman than a woman?




I am totally puzzled by this because I was raised by a strong woman, I have amazing aunts, sisters, friends and a breathtakingly beautiful best friend (Happy Birthday love!) and I wouldn’t want any less happiness or success for any of them. Who taught us to hate the sparkle of another, just because we are a mysterious glow – we’re both magnificent? Who made us embrace hating on each other to the point that a woman cannot compliment the other without looking super weird. I have said this a million times; we are different, varied shades of beautiful – in any size or shape, again the existence of broccoli does not in any way affect the taste of chocolate.



Silhouette of Dandelion Behind Sun

This is quite paradoxical because it is the very same lot that is out here pushing for feminism and girl child empowerment. How about we start with sisterhood first? I just realized for most women, myself included, the moment we walk into a room we are quick to scan around for who’s ‘prettier’ than us and an instant prejudice instinct kicks in. We pass judgment too quickly on fellow females, unlike the kind of resilience we show to fellow males. We don’t care if a guy looks like a potato, but the moment a fellow woman gets comfortable in her element we have some negative attitude towards her.


I find an overwhelming sense of comfort from the support and love I get from other women and I am forever grateful. Nothing is as beautiful as genuinely supporting fellow women knowing too well we go through the same experience. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your girlfriend’s crazy dreams while pursuing your own. Keep in mind that girlfriends can make or break you, choose wisely. We need each other, heck yeah can love Nicki and still jam to Cardi! Okurrr!


23 thoughts on “Worst Enemy?

  1. again the existence of broccoli does not in any way affect the taste of chocolate. Well put, we should not feel as though another’s success hinders our own. I always look forward to your posts Anita!

  2. ?Nothing beats being your girlfriend’s cheerleader and pushing them to be the best version of themselves. Amazing piece darling and thank you❤

  3. Your success can never be snatched from you simply because you held someone’s hand up the ladder. It couldn’t be put any better ?

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